Part II

Last year, I wrote a post listing several things I would love to write about if I were able.

Allow me to quote that post by saying, "I want to write something, dang it." 

But what do you write about when you have nothing to write about?


I could express my feelings on life struggles...

... yeah, but that's not very uplifting, and don't you have a journal for that?

I could post pictures of our trip to San Francisco this last fall...

...yeah, but that just perpetuates the "here's my awesome life" persona that you find inauthentic and aggravating about social media.

I could relate a funny story about something that's gone hilariously awry recently...

...yeah, but the last one you can think of happened in, like, December.

I could finish the Portugal chronicles...

...yeah, but see "yeah, but" #2.

I could report on the gut detox I'm doing...

...yeah, but ew.

I could analyze video games or movies...

...yeah, but what do you know.

I could do some research and discuss something really interesting...

...yeah, but-- excuse me?

I could lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling...

...yeah, much better.


I hardly ever believe my students when they say, "I have nothing to write about," or, "I can't think of anything."  

But maybe sometimes, words are just too much.  

Especially when they all clump together, a mass in your brain that keeps getting heavier.

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