Something Good

Hey!  I have something to write about now, something happy.  And something happy is always good.

How fitting that, being national Teacher Appreciation Week, I got this email from a former student on Monday:

Hey! I already told everyone well most people i saw you this Saturday, it kinda brought us back to middle school. We talked about how much fun we had with you a lot of memories in a short year. Everyone says Hi, Jordan, Abraham, Cass, Olivia, Abby, Gage, everyone says hi, even Ms. Slade remember her? told her too. All of us miss you! I hope we cross paths again.

Since becoming a teacher, I've taught at three different schools.  And this last weekend, I ran into one of my students from school #2, my first official teaching job.

But "ran into" is so not the right phrase-- I was on my way out of a local theme park where I had been working at a dance competition when I decided to take a shortcut to the entrance... that led me right toward this kid whose face I definitely knew.

So I was practically marching right up to him for several feet, though unintentionally until I realized that neither of us was breaking eye contact.  Then I said with a squinty smile, "Do I know you?"

Returning the smile: "Yes..."

"What's the first letter of your name?"  (The best question to ask when trying to memorize/remember names.)


Part II

Last year, I wrote a post listing several things I would love to write about if I were able.

Allow me to quote that post by saying, "I want to write something, dang it." 

But what do you write about when you have nothing to write about?


Que Sora Sora


Do you ever have those moments when you feel like the Universe is just... speaking to you?  Aware of you?

(I can hear my husband's voice in the back of my head: "Here we go...")

I do.  Fairly often.  And sometimes these moments are fairly silly, seemingly un-spiritual, or overly dramatized.

But I believe that God can and will speak to us in whatever way we are willing to hear.

Which brings me to this spikey-haired, blue-eyed character that has provided quite the conversation piece lately, thanks to a pair of socks my husband got me for Christmas.