Something Good

Hey!  I have something to write about now, something happy.  And something happy is always good.

How fitting that, being national Teacher Appreciation Week, I got this email from a former student on Monday:

Hey! I already told everyone well most people i saw you this Saturday, it kinda brought us back to middle school. We talked about how much fun we had with you a lot of memories in a short year. Everyone says Hi, Jordan, Abraham, Cass, Olivia, Abby, Gage, everyone says hi, even Ms. Slade remember her? told her too. All of us miss you! I hope we cross paths again.

Since becoming a teacher, I've taught at three different schools.  And this last weekend, I ran into one of my students from school #2, my first official teaching job.

But "ran into" is so not the right phrase-- I was on my way out of a local theme park where I had been working at a dance competition when I decided to take a shortcut to the entrance... that led me right toward this kid whose face I definitely knew.

So I was practically marching right up to him for several feet, though unintentionally until I realized that neither of us was breaking eye contact.  Then I said with a squinty smile, "Do I know you?"

Returning the smile: "Yes..."

"What's the first letter of your name?"  (The best question to ask when trying to memorize/remember names.)


Part II

Last year, I wrote a post listing several things I would love to write about if I were able.

Allow me to quote that post by saying, "I want to write something, dang it." 

But what do you write about when you have nothing to write about?