Bom Dia

Hello hello, and welcome to the new blog!

To be honest, "new" is a bit of a misnomer; same title (but open to new ideas?), same writer (but hoping to post more often?).  I decided to start afresh mostly for practical reasons-- Google accounts and photo access and such.  But still, this new beginning feels nice and proves my subconscious refusal to give up on making writing a healthy habit.

Plus I have some good source material at the moment, as Shad and I have been living in Europe for about a month now.

When meeting up with cousin Hannah in Paris a few weeks ago, I gave her the run-down of how to travel as a poor newlywed couple.  And I thought, hey, I should blog that.  So I will tell you all my secrets!  But not today-- that's a post on its own.

For now, let me fill you in on what we're up to.